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Tilia americana

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Eastern North America

Fine-grained, creamy white to light brown

Common Uses
Basswood is very popular for carving.

Interesting Facts
Thicker stock requires long air-drying prior to kilning, making it more costly

Please note: Our stock changes daily, so please call or email in advance if you are looking for something in particular.

4/4 4/4 QS   Pen Blanks  
5/4   5/4 QS   Carving Blanks
6/4 8/4 QS   Offcuts  
8/4     Spalted Slabs  
9/4       Burls  
12/4     Plywood  
Basswood Lumber
Part of our Basswood section

Basswood Carving Blocks Basswood Carving Blocks

Projects made with Basswood
Have you made something with this wood? Please send us an email with a photo!

Made by Gord Drayton. From the customer gallery of KJP Select Hardwoods (
Gord Drayton

Dennis Finch

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