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Osage Orange
Maclura pomifera

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Osage Orange
Oklahoma and Texas

Alternative Name

Golden-yellow heartwood, high luster, very resilient

Common Uses
Bows, turning, musical instruments, posts and stakes

Interesting Facts
Before barbed wire came along, osage was used as fencing. When planted in tight rows, the branches would interweave tightly enough to contain livestock.

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4/4   4/4 QS   Pen Blanks  
5/4   5/4 QS   Turning Blanks
6/4   8/4 QS   Offcuts  
8/4       Live Edge Slabs  
10/4       Burls  
12/4       Plywood  
16/4       Thins  

Projects made with Osage Orange
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Osage Orange
Greg Bennett

Osage Orange
Alberto Botelho


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