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Oak, White
Quercus alba

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White Oak
Widely grown throughout North America

Exceptionally strong and durable

Common Uses
Popular for Mission-style furniture, it is generally quartersawn to show its very pronounced ray figure. White oak is also used for cooperage and weather-resistant outdoor furniture.

Stock may vary - please call or email to confirm availability

4/4 4/4 QS Pen Blanks  
5/4   5/4 QS Turning Blanks  
6/4   8/4 QS Offcuts
8/4       Live Edge Slabs  
10/4       Burl Slices  
12/4       Plywood
16/4       Thins  

White Oak
Projects made with White Oak
Have you made something with this wood? Please send us an email with a photo!

White Oak
M Jonckheere

Made by Chris Hepburn. From the customer gallery of KJP Select Hardwoods (www.kjpselecthardwoods.com)
Chris Hepburn
White Oak
Jack Belletrutti

White Oak
Jack Belletrutti
 White Oak
Brian Penning

White Oak
David Sherar

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