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About Us

KJP Select Hardwoods is Ottawa's family owned and run candy store for wood lovers!

What will you find?
Our goal is to stock as many unique woods as possible from all around the world. Even the most experienced woodworkers still visit our store and see woods for the first time!

That being said, we are not just a lumber store! You will also find Live Edge Slabs, Tabletops, Plywood, Hairpin Legs, Burls, Natural Finishing Supplies, Adhesives, and Turning Blanks. We are also a depot for sharpening through Goldsmith.

We're easily accessible in the near west end, and we'd like to welcome you to our 11,500 square foot indoor warehouse and showroom!

KJP Select Hardwoods
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What makes us different?

We've designed a "pick your own" approach to our 70,000 board foot (and growing) inventory. Well-lit easy access and lots of vertical display, combined with friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable help from our staff will help you select what you're looking for.

Several thousand board feet of smaller pieces are available when this is all your project calls for. And for the more exotic species, if you only need a couple of feet from a board we can usually accommodate you.

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There's a Tim Hortons less than a minute away on Hunt Club Road, or if you forget we'd love to offer you a coffee or tea while you browse. So come take a look and see for yourself! We do also offer bibs for the droolers at no extra charge...

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