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Livos Products

We have done a few dozen sample pieces on various domestic and exotic woods. Take a peak next time you're at the store!
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"How to apply Livos - Tips & Tricks"

Kunos 244 - Natural Oil Sealer and Finish

- Environmentally & ecologically friendly
Low odor
- Exceptional stain resistance
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- High coverage ability
- Very simple to apply
- Used in furniture & flooring
- Seals & protects

- Simply wipes on, goes a long way

Size Availability:

Clear, all colours
250ml Clear, Black, White, Black Bean, Bongossi, Cherry, Cherry Honey, Intensive Cherry, Cocobolo, Elm Dark Brown, Elm Grey, White Oak, Agate Grey, Mahogany, Oak, Antique Oak, Smoked Oak, Rosewood, Tobacco, Walnut, & Dark Walnut
0.75L Clear, Black, Black Bean, Bongossi, Cherry, Cherry Honey, Cherry Intensive, Cocobolo, Silver Grey, Slate Grey, Mahogany, Oak, Smoked Oak, Tobacco, Walnut, & Dark Walnut
2.5L Clear

Let us know if you need a colour in a size that is not listed, chances are we can get it!

Livos Colour Chart
Click for a larger image of the colours


Livos - 24 colours

Livos Countertop Oil Kunos 243 - Clear Countertop Oil
Available in 50ml, 250ml, 750ml, and 2.5L

- Ecological and safe
- High waterproof ability
- Low odor
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- High coverage ability
- Very simple to apply

Can also be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 244 increasing its waterproof ability.

Livos Bathroom Oil LINN 1703 - Bathroom Furniture Oil

Available in 375ml, 750ml and 2.5L

- Designed for solid wood furniture subjected to high humidity levels
- Increased waterproof ability and higher sheen
- Superior resistance to toothpaste stains

Can be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 243 or KUNOS 244

Alis Exterior Furniture Oil ALIS 579 -
Decking Oil

Available by special order

- Perfect for outdoor furniture
- High coverage
- Non-peeling
- Easy to touch up
- Simple application using a roller, brush, or gun.

Livos Thinnger Svalos 222- Tool cleaner and Thinner
Available in 0.5L & 1L

- Very efficient tool cleaner
- Use as a thinner with oil based products
- Removes fresh stains
- Clear, colourless, with a mild odor
Beeswax Gleivo - Beeswax
Available in 250ml

- Refreshes your furniture

Livos Teak Oil Alis - Teak Oil
Available in 200ml & 750ml

Paddle Oil Alis 148 - Paddle Oil
Available by special order

- Builds thick coats easily and dries quickly
- Provides an ecological, semi-gloss, waterproof finish after three or four coats
Trena Trena 556 - pH Neutral Cleaner
Available in 1L

- High efficiency ecological cleaner for household surface cleaning
- Concentrated cleaner, needs to be diluted with water
- Skin friendly and all natural
- Solvent, soap, phosphate and formaldehyde-free.

Glanos Glanos 559 - Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner
Available in 1L

- This furniture and floor care product cleans and leaves a shiny wax film
- Highly efficient and totally natural
- Concentrated liquid cleaner that needs to be diluted with water
- Improves the sheen of surfaces
- Use only after four or five cleanings with TRENA 556
- Also recommended for linoleum

Kunos 1862 Kunos 1862 - Maintenance Oil
Available in 250ml & 750ml

- Suitable for the maintenance of a surface finished with another Livos wood oil
- Gives back a nice looking sheen
- Brings back the initial protection
- Gives a clear satin finish
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