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Livos Products

We have done a few dozen sample pieces on various domestic and exotic woods. Take a peak next time you're at the store!
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"How to apply Livos - Tips & Tricks"

Kunos 244 - Natural Oil Sealer and Finish

- Environmentally & ecologically friendly
Low odor
- Exceptional stain resistance
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- High coverage ability
- Very simple to apply
- Used in furniture & flooring
- Seals & protects

- Simply wipes on, goes a long way

Size Availability:

Clear, all colours
250ml Clear, White, Black, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Cocobolo, Intensive Cherry, Black Bean, Elm Dark Brown, Smoked Oak, Mahogany & Rosewood
0.75L Clear, Cherry, Intensive Cherry, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Black Bean, Cocobolo & Mahogany
2.5L Clear
10L Clear

Livos Colour Chart
Click for a larger image of the colours


Livos - 24 colours

Livos Countertop Oil Kunos 243 - Clear Countertop Oil
Available in 50ml, 250ml and 0.75L

- Ecological and safe
- High waterproof ability
- Low odor
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- High coverage ability
- Very simple to apply

Can also be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 244 increasing its waterproof ability.

Livos Bathroom Oil LINN 1703 - Bathroom Furniture Oil

Available in 375ml and 750ml

- Designed for solid wood furniture subjected to high humidity levels
- Increased waterproof ability and higher sheen
- Superior resistance to toothpaste stains

Can be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 243 or KUNOS 244

Livos Thinnger Svalos 222- Tool cleaner and Thinner
Available in 1L

- Very efficient tool cleaner
- Use as a thinner with oil based products
- Removes fresh stains
- Clear, colourless, with a mild odor
Beeswax Gleivo - Beeswax
Available in 250ml

- Refreshes your furniture

Kunos 1862 Kunos 1862 - Maintenance Oil
Available in 250ml & 750ml

- Suitable for the maintenance of a surface finished with another Livos wood oil
- Gives back a nice looking sheen
- Brings back the initial protection
- Gives a clear satin finish
Paddle Oil Alis 148 - Paddle Oil
Available in 750ml

- Builds thick coats easily and dries quickly
- Provides an ecological, semi-gloss, waterproof finish after three or four coats
Trena Trena 556 - pH Neutral Cleaner
Available in 1L

- High efficiency ecological cleaner for household surface cleaning
- Concentrated cleaner, needs to be diluted with water
- Skin friendly and all natural
- Solvent, soap, phosphate and formaldehyde-free.

Glanos Glanos 559 - Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner
Available in 1L

- This furniture and floor care product cleans and leaves a shiny wax film
- Highly efficient and totally natural
- Concentrated liquid cleaner that needs to be diluted with water
- Improves the sheen of surfaces
- Use only after four or five cleanings with TRENA 556
- Also recommended for linoleum

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