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Woodpeckers - 10" & 12" Bladesavers

Carbide tipped circular saw blades are a substantial investment and, like all investments, deserve protection. You always take care to avoid cutting through a nail or screw. But these blades are easily damaged when off the saw due to careless storage. Those carbide teeth are tough on wood, but are brittle and chip easily if struck by other metal– like other saw blades.

Woodpeckers’ BladeSaver saw blade guard and hanger system protects your blades and offers features not found on other blade storage options:

You never need to touch the blade’s sharp teeth. To attach the Blade Guard, simply lay the blade flat, wrap it around the teeth, then latch the master link and store it away using the handy hanging hook. With BladeSaver, each blade is individually protected insuring blade teeth can’t contact or strike other blades or objects. BladeSavers are molded using tough, ABS plastic that will provide years of protection for your valuable saw blades.

BladeSavers are available for 10" and 12" saw blades.

Size: 10"
Original price $18.85 - Original price $20.25
Original price
$18.85 - $20.25
Current price $18.85

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