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6-in-1 Pocket Gauge - OneTIME Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

Machinery set-up and joinery layout go smoother when you’re working to a physical reference instead of eyeballing a scale. A little over a year ago Woodpeckers introduced the 6-IN-1 Shop Gauge, a tool designed to give you a physical measuring reference in several different ways. It was one of their more popular OneTIME Tools and received rave reviews from customers. About the only complaint Woodpeckers heard was that it was a little too big to comfortably carry around the shop in your apron pocket. So, here you go, introducing the newest OneTIME Tool, the 6-IN-1 Pocket Gauge…all the same features and functions scaled down to fit in your pocket and have right at hand, right when you need it. 

At the heart of the 6-IN-1 Pocket Gauge is a pair of stainless steel gear racks. When you adjust the tool, the gear teeth engage, locking the two halves together at perfect 1/32" (or 1mm) steps…get it close and the rack will do the rest. For instance, if you need to set a dado blade for a 15/32" depth of cut, just move the sliding block up until you’re just short of a half inch. Lock the knob and you’ll see that the gears mesh perfectly at 15/32" as the knob tightens.  If you prefer to work in metric measurements, just take the gear racks off, flip them over and now the rack will lock at perfect 1mm intervals. It’s great if you work in metric all the time…it’s even better if you don’t! Don’t spend time trying to work conversions when fitting something metric, just flip your racks, make your setting and move on.

Now that you see how it locks in at perfect intervals, here’s how you can use that.

  1. Saw Blade & Router Bit Depth of Cut. With the feet on your table surface, the sliding block gives you a physical reference to set your saw blade or router bit. 
  2. Drill Bit Stop Collars. Turn the tool over and you’ll see a vee-block. Use that to cradle your drill bits while you set a stop collar. 
  3. Marking Gauge. Move the sliding block past the feet and you have a marking gauge. There’s a notch to keep your pencil properly positioned.
  4. Depth Gauge. Need to check a rabbet to make sure it’s deep enough? Use the flat end of the sliding block to measure from the feet down to the bottom of the rabbet. 
  5. Centering Gauge. Put the feet on opposite sides of a board and twist the gauge so both feet are firmly in contact with the board surface. The tiny hole in the Base will be at the exact center of the board. Put a mechanical pencil in the hole and you can slide along the length, scribing the center perfectly.
  6. Hole and Groove Depth Gauge. Last but not least, there’s a 1/8" diameter rod with a scale to read the depth of any hole or groove too small for the sliding block to fit.

All these same features are built into the original 6-IN-1 Shop Gauge, just with larger capacities.  The new 6-IN-1 Pocket Gauge has an adjustment range of 2-1/8" between the base and the sliding block. The original 6-IN-1 Shop Gauge has an adjustment range of 4-1/4". The depth rod on the Pocket Gauge will reach 2-1/8". The depth rod on the Shop Gauge will reach 3". Whether you like the larger capacity of the original or the convenience of the new pocket-sized model, you’re in luck. We’re offering both of them. Either will include a wall-mountable Rack-It to store your 6-IN-1 when it’s not in use. Or, save some money by getting them both. 

Like all OneTIME Tools, Woodpeckers 6-IN-1 Pocket Gauge and Shop Gauge are only made to order, precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland). The deadline to order yours is Monday July 13th, 2020. Once orders are filled, they will be retired from the product line. Delivery is scheduled for December 2020.

OneTIME Tools are made to order. Once the deadline passes there will be no refunds. Please read the order deadline and delivery dates.


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