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Clamp Rack-It

Woodpeckers new Clamp Rack-It™ saves valuable shop wall space by fitting 6 parallel jaw clamps into the space previously taken up by just two. The rack halves are just a fraction over 1-1/2” apart and 12 inches deep, giving you plenty of room for heavy duty parallel jaw clamps. Not only does Clamp Rack-It™ save space, it's also the easiest-to-install clamp rack on the market today. Two lag bolts (included) install each rack.

You can install a single rack on a single stud, or to fit the most clamps in the least space, install a pair of stringers across studs (as shown in the photo) and install the racks between 6-1/2” and 7-1/2” apart (depending on your brand of clamp).

To install, drill two holes, screw the lag bolts in almost all the way, hang Clamp Rack-It™ halves on the lags, lock them down with a wrench or ratchet through the convenient access ports, and you’re ready to rack your clamps!  

Clamp Rack-It™ lets you customize your clamp storage. Put one up in different locations in your shop so the clamps you want are where you want them. Or, take advantage of bare spots on your wall and fill them up with clamps. Keep them in easy reach from your various work areas.

The heavy gauge steel construction of the Clamp Rack-It™ won’t deflect or sag under load. The powder coated finish will keep looking great through years of clamping projects. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bill Black (Brampton, CA)
Just what I needed

Needed to save some space. These clamp racks are perfect for the job