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ClampZilla 4-Way Panel Clamp - OneTIME Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

Apparently, a large percentage of Woodpeckers customers have faced the challenges of aligning board surfaces while clamping edges together, because last summer’s launch of the CLAMPZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp was a wildly popular OneTIME Tool offer. The original can clamp up to 4" thick and 38" wide (50" with optional extended bars). Woodworkers have been trying different ways to keep boards flat while gluing panels since glue was invented. Most clamps introduce a bow in the panel because they are clamping from one side (the one with the bar). Even the best designs pull a certain amount, and most could be used to make boomerangs. Savvy woodworkers try to overcome this by alternating clamps top and bottom, but getting the pressure perfectly even never happens. CLAMPZILLA places a bar on both sides of your stock with centering devices that direct the pressure to the exact center of your stock. Not only does CLAMPZILLA focus the lateral pressure on the center of your panel, it also puts vertical pressure on the boards, helping to hold them in alignment to each other.

In addition to keeping your panels flatter, CLAMPZILLA saves you both time and money. Using parallel jaw clamps, you would need 2 clamps across your panel plus 2 clamps and clamping cauls providing vertical pressure to replace one CLAMPZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp. That’s four screws that you have to adjust on the parallel jaw clamps, while CLAMPZILLA applies vertical and horizontal pressure simultaneously by simply turning one screw. Your boards fall into proper alignment as the edges come together. No more anxiety-filled gluing sessions worrying about the glue starting to set before you get just the right amount of pressure on each clamp.

Glue-ups go fast and easy with CLAMPZILLA. First, lay out as many as you need for your panel size. Now, pull the quick-release locking pins on the tailpiece and open up the clamp completely. Load your stock and bring the top bars back over. Pop in the pins and start clamping. lt takes just seconds.

CLAMPZILLA’s normal range is from 5/8" to 2". For stock thinner than 5/8", just add a piece of 3/4" scrap above and below your stock. For stock thicker than 2", add a 2x2 to the edges.  Maximum stock width is 38". Clamp length is 47".  With these simple extra steps, CLAMPZILLA’s range exceeds that of almost every other clamp on the market. To take capacity to 50" you can add a set of optional extended bars. 

CLAMPZILLA earned its unusual name when Woodpeckers ran it through some torture testing. It took a three-foot long cheater bar and all of the product developer’s strength to break the Acme-threaded clamping screw. Just before failure, CLAMPZILLA was exerting over 6,500 pounds of clamping pressure. And to be honest, it was still exerting that much pressure after failure…the screw broke at the handle.

Woodpeckers designed CLAMPZILLA for the long haul. The steel bars and clamping pads are powder-coated for a tough, long-lasting finish. Most of the clamping mechanism components are machined from stainless steel, except the clamp screw pivot, which is machined from brass.  All machining is done on state-of-the-art CNC equipment in Woodpeckers Strongsville facility.


Like all Woodpeckers OneTIME ToolsCLAMPZILLA is only made to order, precisely built and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio factory. The deadline to order yours is Monday May 25th, 2020. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from the product line. Delivery is scheduled for October 2020.