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PatternPly Scattered Colorful Dinosaurs

Your Canadian source for PatternPly

Perfect for Laser Cutters and Vinyl Cutters!

Spice up your laser and craft projects with this unique pattern! This colorful dinosaur design is intended for creating smaller projects like earrings, bookmarks, decorations, or inlay work. The pattern will be visible on both sides. One side of the sheet will show the image coming through the clear material while the reverse will show a matte version.

We offer this pattern in two different variations:

  • 0.01" Clear Flex
  • 1/8" Clear Acrylic

Each sheet is approximately 12" x 19.2”. If you would like the sheet cut down, please let us know in the order notes.

PatternPly® is a trademarked line of patterned laser substrates created by Smokey Hill Designs.

Scattered Colorful Dinosaurs on 0.01" Clear Flex

This incredible substrate can be cut on diode lasers and vinyl cutting machines such as a Cricut. The possibilties are endless!

Scattered Colorful Dinosaurs on 1/8" Clear Acrylic

It is important to note that this material can not be cut on diode lasers.

Clear Acrylic:
Cutting: 168 speed / full power
Engraving: full speed /full power (defocus to 0.325" if not elevating)

Clear Flex:
Cutting: 300 speed / 30-40 power

Thickness: Clear Flex ( 0.01" )
Size: 12" x 19"
Original price $23.95 - Original price $37.95
Original price $23.95
$11.98 - $18.98
Current price $11.98

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