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Fibonacci Gauge - OneTIME Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

When something looks “just right” take a minute to measure its dimensions. You’ll most likely find that the larger dimension is a bit more than one and a half times the smaller. In fact, if you grab a calculator, you’ll probably find that the ratio between the two dimensions is very close to 1:1.618. Mathematicians, philosophers, architects and designers have studied and embraced this ratio for over 2400 years. Called the “Golden Mean”, “Golden Ratio” and simply “Phi”, the ratio of 1:1.618 can be found throughout nature as well as throughout man-made art and architecture. Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci explained and documented the Golden Mean in the 13th Century. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, the Fibonacci Gauge, delivers the ratio precisely, without ever touching a calculator.

Adjust the Fibonacci Gauge so that the middle point and the outside point it is closest to match part of your project. Now the space between the middle point and the more distant outside point is 1.618 times greater. What’s more, the two outside points are 1.618 times the space between the middle point and the more distant outside point. Having the ratio two different ways in the same tool is just one of the head-scratching phenomena surrounding the Golden Ratio (don’t Google it unless you have some time on your hands).

How do you use the Fibonacci Gauge to give your projects perfect proportions? Let’s use a cabinet side as an example. Set the two outside points to the height you want the cabinet to be. Now the space between the middle point and the more distant outside point is the ideal width. Of course, you could do it the other way around, too.  

Woodpeckers built this clever device in three sizes. If you want to apply the Golden Ratio as you’re drawing up plans, the 12" gauge is perfect. If you’re building mid-sized projects without plans, but want to keep your proportions “golden”, take the 24" gauge out to the shop with you. For full-size layout of furniture and cabinet projects reach for the 48" model.

All the Fibonacci Gauge arms are precisely machined from aircraft-grade aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC milling centers, then anodized for surface protection and to give them the familiar “Woodpecker Red” color. Woodpeckers machine the pivot points from stainless steel and place non-marring nylon washers between the knobs and the arms for silky smooth joint movement and locking.

Each size Fibonacci Gauge is available individually, or you can save some money and be ready for both scaled and full-size proportion checking by ordering the complete set.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTIME Tools®, Fibonacci Gauges are only made to order, precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland). The deadline to order yours is Monday, April 13, 2020. Once orders are filled, they will be retired from their product line. Delivery is scheduled for July 2020.