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Shaper Origin + Plate

Origin simplifies precision cutting - think of it as auto-correct for your hands!

Shaper makes Origin, the world's first handheld CNC machine. Origin combines precision and repeatability with unprecedented flexibility. Designed with professional woodworkers in mind, Origin simplifies complex activities and workflows in woodshops and fabrication facilities across the country.

Origin is the world’s first computer-assisted hand-held plunge router. Avoid the envelope limits of traditional CNC machines and tackle projects at a wide range of scales with a single, compact tool. Over-The-Air software updates mean that, unlike other power tools, Origin gets better and more powerful the longer you own it.

Use Origin’s intuitive touch screen interface to place designs in your workspace and set cut specs on the fly. Origin automatically calculates toolpaths for you - no programming required.

Origin’s onboard computer moves the spindle 100 times per second to keep the cutting bit right on the toolpath. All you have to do is keep Origin close to the toolpath shown on the screen.

Tanos Systainer®

Custom-designed Shaper Systainer makes it easy to safely transport Origin to and from the worksite, and store it conveniently at the end of the day.

Shaper SM-1 Spindle

Shaper partnered with Festool, the worldwide gold standard in high-quality routers, to develop a router spindle ideally suited for cutting with Origin.

Get Cutting on Day One

Origin ships with two rolls of ShaperTape, our three most popular cutters, tool-change accessories and more, ensuring that you can get cutting right out of the box.

Buy Origin with Plate and SAVE $100! 

The universal tempate for Origin!

A universal template designed to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners, route system 32 holes and so much more. Designed to Integrate with ShaperHub’s Hardware Catalog – a collection of hundreds of vetted digital hardware files – Plate makes it easy to say goodbye to drawers full of hardware templates you may have lying around. 

  • Cut with hundreds of digital hardware files from Hardware Catalog
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Ships with custom low-profile clamps and a custom systainer
  • Flexible alignment rails for use with custom fixtures
  • Flag and fence system to align virtually anywhere on your work surface

  • Shaper Origin Gen2 with Shaper SM-1 Spindle
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Tanos Systainer (SYS 5 T-LOC)
  • Two rolls of ShaperTape (45.7m each)
  • Tool change accessories
  • USB flash drive
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) upcut spiral cutter
  • 1/8" (3.175mm) upcut spiral cutter
  • 60° engraving cutter
  • Universal dust collection adapter
  • One-year warranty
  • Direct support from Shaper - Highly responsive email support
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial
    • You'll have thirty days to decide if Origin is right for you. Return the tool in its original packaging for a complete refund.
  • Optional: Shaper Pro - extended warranty, enhanced support, hot swap repairs ($850)
  • Input Power: 120VAC, 60Hz, 7A
  • Spindle Motor720W brushed AC motor
    • 10,000 - 26,000 RPM with load-compensating speed control
    • Soft-start, over temperature and over-load safety cut-offs
    • Produced by Festool to Shaper specifications
  • Collet: Includes a 1/4" (6.35mm) collet that accepts any commonly available 1/4" (6.35mm) shank router bits
    • 1/8" (3.175mm) collet sold separately
  • Depth Control: 43mm (1.7") of total Z-axis travel
    • Digitally adjustable depth-of-cut
    • Automated touch-off sensor
  • Dust Extraction Port: Designed with the SM-1 spindle to provide optimal debris extraction
    • 34mm inner diameter by 39mm outer diameter port dimensions
    • Fits most standard 27mm (35mm OD) and 36mm suction hoses (e.g. Festool, Fein)
    • Includes a 6.5' (2m) adaptor hose with a 2-1/4" (57mm) OD nozzle
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled for transfer of design files via ShaperHub, and for recieving software updates
    • USB port allows for easy offline transfer of design files
  • Digital Cut Files: Works with standard vector files (.SVG)
    • Includes on-tool design capabilities
  • Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch full-colour LCD
  • Dimensions: Origin - 35cm (handle-to-handle) x 19.7cm x 29.9cm
    • Systainer: 39.6cm x 29.6cm x 42cm (SYS 5 T-LOC Systainer)
  • Weight: Origin - 6.6kg (14.55lbs)
    • Packaged (with accessories) in Systainer: 10.7kg (23.59lbs)
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