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Poly-Gauge SS - OneTIME Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

Machinery set up at obtuse (outside) angles usually involves a lot of trial and error. Table inserts that aren’t level, bevel gauges with large radius ends, and miter squares with short blades are just some of the demons that put the “error” in “trial and error”. Just finding a fixed-blade reference for any angle other than 45° can be a challenge, and adjustable miter setting devices require careful calibration and keen eyesight to see those tiny angle graduations.

Woodpeckers Poly∙Gauge SS brings a whole new level of ease and accuracy to machine set ups for the five most common polygon angles, 45° for squares, 54° for pentagons, 60° for hexagons, 67.5° for octagons and 75° for 12-sided dodecagons.

In addition to providing precision-milled angles (guaranteed within .0085°), Poly∙Gauge SS goes further to get your settings right the first time, every time. When setting miter saws or table saw miter gauges with the Poly∙Gauge SS flat, the reference edges are raised 9/32" above the machine surface to minimize the effects of rounded fence edges and uneven table inserts.

When setting table saw blades and jointer fences, the handle pops off the center and becomes a magnetic base that holds the Poly∙Gauge perfectly upright while you have both hands free to adjust your machine.

Woodpeckers Poly∙Gauge SS is laser cut from high quality stainless steel, then the edges are precision milled on high-speed CNC equipment. The foot that raises the tool up for accurate settings is made from anodized aluminum and forms the central base for the magnetic handle. Icons for each shape are laser cut into the blade to visually confirm you’re using the correct angle. The plastic liner in the magnetic handle keeps the blade perfectly perpendicular and protects it from scratches.

Your Poly∙Gauge comes to you in a protective molded case with a custom cut foam interior for safe and convenient storage.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTIME Tools, the Poly∙Gauge SS is precisely machined and carefully inspected in their Strongsville, Ohio facility (just south of Cleveland). The deadline to order yours is Monday, April 18th, 2022. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, it will be retired from their product line. Delivery is scheduled for October 2022.

OneTIME Tools are made to order, after the deadline passes there will be NO refunds.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Nelson (Edmonton, CA)

Woodpecker tools are expensive but they are top quality and I appreciate that. The poly gauge works as it should and will last a lifetime for me