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Rabbet Gauge - OneTime Tool

This OneTIME tool has expired and can no longer be purchased.

The latest One-Time Tool - Woodpecker Rabbet Gauges. What's a rabbet gauge? It's a tool designed to help you quickly and accurately layout rabbets before cutting.


Rabbets are commonly created with a table saw or router. In most cases they're cut with router bits that have bearing guides for setting one dimension. Straight bits without bearings or even saw blades have the advantage of allowing you to create any size rabbet. In either case at least one of the dimensions is reached with a series of trial and error cuts.


There's a better way. Use one of Woodpeckers Rabbet Gauges. Each Rabbet Gauge is a precision machined four-inch long aluminum block with exact steps machined along each edge in 1/16” increments. By using different edges you can quickly outline the finished rabbet and even use the gauge to scribe along the entire edge with a knife or pencil.

These sets are made up of 3 separate Rabbet Gauges providing you with a total of 12 Rabbet sizes ranging from 1/16”-3/4”.  This will virtually eliminate any need for the trial and error approach to cutting Rabbets!

With a marking tool of this quality and precision, there'll be no need for guessing or trial and error cuts. Like all Woodpeckers tools, they manufacture these in house just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. All three Rabbet Gauges are part of Woodpeckers One-Time Tool program. That means they're made to order and not a stock item. Deadline to order is midnight Sunday, October 13th. Woodpeckers plan on machining them for delivery by the end of November 2019. Made in U.S.A.

Please note this OneTIME Tool has expired and is no longer available to purchase.



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