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U2 Fasteners - Construction Screw


The U2 Construction Screw™, also known as CS Screw, is a heavy duty structural fastener. Its design has a finished appearance of a conventional round head, and is created to provide an extra-large bearing surface under the head. It is the next generation of construction screws that are replacing lag screws.

Use: Professional timber construction, staircases, deck frames. rafter, trellis framing, ledger boards, joists, planter boxes, post supports, play-set structures, retaining walls, facade attachments, laminated beams, SIP pannels, fencing, pole barns, concrete forms and more.


  • Headtype: Dome Head (enhances the structural capability) with Talon Grip™
  • Tight Star Recess system grasps the U-Bit tightly and can be installed with one hand.
  • Tapper Point which consists of the Cork Screw Start and Blade Cutting Thread for easy piercing and alleviating strain on the material.
  • Talon Grip holds the screw tight to prevent loosening and uses its nibs to dig into the material when countersunk.
  • Reamer Thread enlarges the hole in the material to create a larger passage when drawing materials together and reduces tension on the screw head.
  • Coating: It is a hexavalent chromium (CR6+) free coating and complies with the strictest standards governing chemical substances. Prop 65 compliant U-Gold coating is compliant with Structural & ground contact ACQ treated lumber.

Pack Options

  • All sizes come in packs of 40. All sizes are available in larger quantiaties by special order.
  • Stainless Steel sizes are available by special order.
  • Construction screws for Laminvated Veneer Lumber (LVL) are available by sepcial order.

All packs come with the appropriate size U-Bit. Replacement bits can be found here.

  • #10 - 0.445"
  • 1/4" - 0.543"
  • 5/16" - 0.632"
  • 3/8" - 0.715"
Options: #10 x 1-1/2" (40 Pack)
Original price $9.87 - Original price $123.99
Original price $9.87
$4.94 - $61.99
Current price $4.94

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andre Lavallee (Levis, CA)

Produits de qualité….service exceptionnel!

Ghostraven (Brampton, CA)

U2 Fasteners - Construction Screw

Matt Dukowski (Ottawa, CA)
Achtung Baby - U2 Fasteners!

I used the 4" and 2.5" fasteners instead of lag bolts to build a rock solid picnic bench out of salvaged wood. Even the 4" slammed into the wood easier than a deck screw. It was a beautiful day.