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Sharpening Depot Milling

Service: Drop off before Wednesday at 5pm. Pickup the following Thursday after noon.

We have become a one-stop shop for not only your wood, but also for your sharpening needs. KJP Select Hardwoods is now a depot for Goldsmith Saw, Tool and Knife, located in Prescott, Ontario, and generally acknowledged to offer the highest standard of service in eastern Ontario.

You can rely on the finest quality of sharpening. Simply drop off your blades, etc., to us before 5pm on a Wednesday, and they will be ready for pick up the following Thursday afternoon.

Need new blades? With Goldsmith’s wide range of knowledge and contacts within the industry, they are able to replace your blades with the most suitable products for your individual requirements. Ask us for a quote.

Please note we are able to sharpen Forrest blades!


We can now mill your large slabs!

Aside from being unwieldy for most people, large table top slabs normally have some degree of cup and twist that cannot be removed by conventional planing or sanding. Removing this by hand can be quite a test of your patience.

KJP now has the capability to perfectly flatten slabs up to 4 ½ feet wide by over 11 feet long. Glue ups of slabs you select from our huge inventory would be done in two stages – once to flatten both sides of each component – and a second time after we do your glue-up. Carbide cutters provide a surface ready for 80-grit, or we can also sand for you.

In some cases, it may be possible that we can mill slabs that are not from our inventory.

Please contact us for more information.
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