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Surfaced on all 4 sides, our S4S lumber is perfect for woodworkers with no milling equipment or those who need a quick start. All our S4S wood boards are flat with straight surfaces and ready to be used in your next project. We offer thick S4S lumber and thin S4S lumber in mix packs or singles. Need a project idea? Design your own cutting board with mix-and-match cutting board blanks from KJP Select Hardwoods. Shop online for your S4S lumber today!

Hardwood S4S Lumber

We carry over 30 species of dressed lumber, all with flat and straight surfaces. They’re ready to be used for your next project, like a custom cutting board.
  • 1/4" Thins
    1/4" Thins
  • S4S Lumber - Thin
    S4S Lumber - Thin
  • S4S Lumber - Thick
    S4S Lumber - Thick
  • Design your own Cutting Board
    Design your own Cutting Board

With S4S lumber, the wood is prepared before you buy it, which saves you time and effort. Since our S4S wood pieces are planed and jointed, they’re ready to work with as soon as they arrive. We carry hardwood and plywood in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from wood thins to ¾” boards. In our collection, you’ll find domestic and exotic S4S hardwood pieces like Purpleheart, White Oak, and Spalted Beech. Make your next project easier with S4S lumber from KJP Select Hardwoods, where we carry over 35 species of surfaced lumber.