Festool Drills available at KJP Select Hardwood in Ottawa Canada

Festool Drills

Festool - TPC 18/4
From $455.00
Festool - TPC & TID Set
Festool - TXS
From $328.00
Festool - CXS
From $328.00
Festool - T 18
T 18+3-E Drill
From $259.00

For drilling holes or driving screws into wood, drills are the go-to tool. But you want a tool that can hold up against hard materials and won’t run out of battery when you need it most. Festool Drills offer unrivaled power with ergonomic designs.

The Festool Cordless Impact TID features LED illumination, so you always have a clear view of your work area. It clips directly onto your belt. The EC-TEC motor includes three speed levels and brushless, long-lasting performance.

With the T 17, you can switch seamlessly between screw driving and drilling without changing the set torque. Use the FastFix interface to rapidly change attachments.

The Festool Cordless Drill CXS features two lithium-ion batteries, which provide long-lasting battery life and a recharge time of just 45 minutes. With its 12-position clutch, you can prevent overdriving and stripping the wood.

When you’re shopping for a new power tool, check out our selection of Festool Drills.