Multi Function Table available in Ottawa Canada at KJP Select Hardwoods

Festool Multi Function Table

The Festool Multifunction Table is the ultimate solution for your workspace, whether that’s a workshop or a job site. Use this sturdy surface for jointing, sanding, clamping, routing, glue-ups, routing, and planing.

This all-purpose work surface features:

  • A mechanism for attaching accessories
  • Adjustable working heights using folding legs
  • Side channels for attaching clamps
  • Easy transport, with a compact and lightweight design

The perfectly flat perforated top is the ideal workspace. With slip-resistant feet, you can eliminate table drift and ensure your surface will remain stable. It’s easy to integrate your MFT/3 with other Festool products, including Guide Rails, Routers, and Plunge Saws.

Does your tabletop need a replacement? After years of usage, it’s bound to get a few dents. Not to worry—we also offer MDF perforated replacement inserts for the MFT/3.

At KJP Select Hardwoods, we carry several models of the Festool Multifunction Table; choose one that’ll be perfect for your workspace!