EcoPoxy and Chill available in Ottawa


Slow Curing

EcoPoxy FlowCast
EcoPoxy FlowCast
For pours up to 1-1/2" thick
From $69.95
Chill Ice 1
Chill Ice 1
For pours up to 1-1/2" thick
From $98.98
Chill Ice 2
Chill Ice 2
For pours up to 2-1/4" thick
From $185.88
Chill Deep Pour
Chill Deep Pour
For 2" to 2-1/2" thick pours
From $1,077.98

Fast Curing

EcoPoxy UVPoxy Kits
From $54.95
Chill Diamond Fast
Chill Diamond Fast
Great for jewellery
From $87.98
Chill 3D
Chill 3D
Great for top coats
From $79.98
Chill Epoxy Clear
Chill Clear
For pours up to 1/2" thick
From $87.98
Chill Fix
Chill Fix
Ultra fast
Chill Sealer
Chill Sealer
Fast curing

Quick Setting

Akfix e340 quick setting epoxy
Akfix e350 Quick Setting Epoxy - Black


Chill Drops for epoxy artwork and crafts
Chill drops for epoxy - opaque
Chill Drops - Transparent 2oz
Chill Drops - Transparent 4oz
EcoPoxy Colour Pigments
From $9.95 $17.50

Wood Filler

P-Tec 8400 Wood Filler


Chill Poly Cleaner eco-friendly


Epoxy Mixer
From $18.95
8oz measuring cup
Measuring Cups
5 sizes!
From $2.25
Measuring Cup
From $2.50
Tuck Tape (Sheathing Tape)
EcoPoxy Spreader
Reusable No-Leak Epoxy Form
From $104.95
EcoPoxy and Chill Epoxy resins are proudly made in Canada. They provide woodworkers and resin artists with high-quality epoxies. We carry 500ml kits for crafters working on small projects such as beach pours or jewelry. For our woodworking customers making dining table-size river tables, we carry kits up to 30L. We have a selection of over 30 different metallic pigments which mix perfectly with these eco-friendly epoxies. We are your one stop shop for wood and epoxy; we offer fast shipping right to your front door.