Festool Sanders available in Ottawa, Canada

Festool Sanders

Festool - RTS 400
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Festool - ETS EC 125/3
Festool - Rotex 150
Festool - LS 130

Sanding is an essential part of nearly any woodworking project. Using sanders by Festool, you can buff away minor imperfections or prepare surfaces for paint. We carry models like: 

Multi-Mode Sander. These 3 models of Rotex Sander are ideal for rough sanding and final sanding. When you’re removing tough materials, paint, or varnishes, try the aggressive sanding mode. 

Random Orbital Sander. It’s easy to achieve extremely fine finishes with the ETS or ETS-EC models. The ergonomic design will fit comfortably in your hand. 

Finish Delta Sander. Angular surfaces won’t be an issue when you use this precise and versatile sander. Other features include a long life cycle, a powerful motor, and vibration-stop balancing. 

Linear Detail Sander. This tool works great for sanding edges, rabbets, and fine detail work. Unlike hand sanding, this tool includes dust extraction to minimize any mess. It’s also faster, more consistent, and less strenuous. Depending on the surface that you’re working with, you can use multiple profile pads to get the finish you desire. 

These professional sanders include advanced features that allow you to completely customize your woodworking project. Browse the selection of Festool sanders at KJP Select Hardwoods today.