Solid Wood Shelves in Canada

Solid Wood Shelves


Nothing exudes the warmth and richness you get with using Black Walnut. When you require a darker look - Walnut is the easy pick.

Walnut Floating Shelf
Walnut Shelf
Solid Wood
From $72.95
Walnut Floating Shelf with HOVR Bracket
From $155.95

White Oak

Our #1 trending wood with designers over the last few years, White Oak has a mid-tone brown that keeps things looking fresh and light. Balances nicely in any room and has a striking grain pattern.

White Oak Floating Shelf
White Oak Shelf
Solid Wood
From $67.95
White Oak Floating Shelf with bracket
From $151.95

Ambrosia Maple

Our maple with the most character! Expect to see a range of colours including lots of grey. There are even some tiny pin holes caused by the Ambrosia beetle that produce a nice streaking effect. Great choice for the rustic look!

Ambrosia Maple Shelf
From $49.95


Like it's name implies Cherry has a beautiful red tone like no other wood. As it ages it settles into a very rich reddish-brown that is absolutely unique and a classic look.

Cherry Floating Shelf
Cherry Shelf
Solid Wood
From $57.95
Cherry floating shelf with HOVR Bracket
From $143.95

Hard Maple

When you need a crisp white and clean look - our Hard maple shelves fit the bill. Priced in the mid-range, Maple is also one of our most durable wood species we are able to offer.

Maple Shelf
Maple Shelf
Solid Wood
From $49.95
Maple Floating Shelf with HOVR Bracket installed
From $137.95


Our most economical choice! Poplar is most often used by our clients for a paint grade shelf because it takes paint and stain extremely well.

Poplar Floating Shelf
Poplar Shelf
Solid Wood
From $40.95
Poplar floating shelf with HOVR Bracket
From $129.95

Shelf Brackets

We carry an assortment of shelf brackets well suited for our standard shelves. If you'd like to mount a shelf with a "floating" or hidden effect - try the HOVR bracket.