Rough Cut Lumber

Rough Cut Lumber


For woodworking projects, building furniture, and creating cabinets, rough cut lumber is a great choice. These cuts of wood are durable, reliable, and easy to work with. Each rough cut board at KJP Select Hardwoods is skip dressed, which reveals the colour and grain of the wood. You’ll need to do additional milling before it’s finished, but if you’d prefer to skip that step, check out our S4S lumber.


Our sizes of rough cut lumber include: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, & 8/4.


For a longer length, send us an email, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Each rough cut lumber is handpicked by one of our employees. We want you to be excited about your next project, so we only choose high-quality pieces.


For a high-quality, beautiful selection of rough cut lumber, check out our selection at KJP Select Hardwoods. We offer rough cut lumber in a range of species and if you prefer to purchase in bulk, you may be interested in our Project packs.


What is the difference between rough cut lumber compared to milled lumber?


Rough Cut Lumber


Who are they for? These are ideal for those who enjoy working with machinery or hand tools to mill their own boards. We use this term to describe boards that require additional milling. Rough cut lumber has been run through the planer to show the grain however they have not been dressed. You will need to mill both faces and edges. Rough cut lumber is available in specific lengths with varying widths.


S4S Lumber

Also known as surfaced or milled lumber


Who are they for? These are ideal for those who aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to flatten and straighten boards. The term "surfaced" or "dressed" refers to a piece of wood that has been milled. To achieve the necessary dimensions, we select a larger board to work from. Both faces and edges are then surfaced so you can be assured that the board is flat and straight. These boards are available in specific sizes.


Do we ship our rough cut lumber?


Absolutely! It is our most popular product and we take pride in the quality boards we ship to Canadian, American, and international woodworkers.