Festool Domino Joiner at KJP Select Hardwoods in Ottawa, Canada

Festool Domino Joiner

Festool - DF 500
Festool - DF 700

For decades, woodworkers have used mortise and tenon joints to connect two different pieces of wood; they’re a common feature in furniture and woodworking projects. But to craft these joints successfully, you need exact measurements, clean edges, and a tool that’s reliable and precise.

Creating mortise and tenon joints can be intimidating, even for an experienced craftsperson. This process is made a great deal easier with the Festool DOMINO Joiner. At KJP, we offer both the DOMINO Joiner and the DOMINO XL.

The DOMINO Joiner is 100% rotation proof for precise mortises every time. For large-scale wood projects, the DOMINO XL is a high-performance power tool. Despite its powerful capabilities, this machine is still lightweight and easy to transport around a job site or your shop. Use it to join doors, gates, and large slabs.

Check out the Festool DOMINO Joiner for a perfect fit every time.