Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood, often referred to as Russian Birch Plywood, is manufactured in Russia, Finland, & the Baltic states.


Benefits over standard plywood include;

- Improved stiffness, stability, and strength

- Void free core allows for a decorative exposed edge - or can be used of edge banding

- Exceptional screw holding capabilities

- Thicker face veneer


The face, back, and core are entirely constructed from Birch. The plywood is made up of an odd number of layers, each of which are about 1 mm thick. These layers are cross-banded - that means the grain of one layer runs perpendicular to the grain of the next. Due to the nature of its construction, Baltic Birch is an incredibly durable product - it’s strong, stable, tough, and heavy. That makes it ideal for a number of woodworking projects.


Available in the standard European 5’ x 5’ sizing or alternatively offered in 4’ x 8’ with exterior glue between the layers.


3mm - 3 plies

6mm - 5 plies

9mm - 7 plies

12mm - 9 plies

18mm - 13 plies



  • B/BB - Intended for natural finish as one face contains no patches. A few small pin knots and brown streaks permitted. Usually only offered in 3mm and 6mm for laser/CNC work
  • BB/BB - Most common grade that allows patches on both sides but colour matched to background. A few sound tight knots and pin holes also permitted
  • CP - Very close to BB/BB but thin splits are allowed and the patches may be a contrasting colour to sheet