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Osmo Polyx-Oil
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Osmo TopOil



Oil Applicator/Spreader
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Osmo Hand Pad Holder
Osmo Superpad White
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Osmo Easy Pad


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Osmo Teak-Oil Spray
Maintenance is essential if you want to keep hardwood surfaces in top shape. Preserve wood for decades with one of our Osmo wood finishing products.

You can keep wooden furniture protected with the best-selling Polyx®-Oil. Made of natural waxes and oils, this product won’t peel, crack, or flake.

Exterior wood will benefit from the Osmo UV-Protection Oil, which resists water, dirt, and reduces wood swelling/shrinkage. The clear coating enhances the natural colour and grain pattern of the wood.

Using the Osmo Spray Cleaner or Liquid Wax Cleaner, you can prevent wood from drying out and refresh its surface. It’s ideal for everyday cleaning and maintenance.

Smoothing on these products is easy with our collection of applicators, including oil spreaders and hand pad holders.

Our selection of Osmo products is designed for protecting exterior and interior wood surfaces. Pick some up today if you’d like to keep your wood furniture looking polished, crack-free, and pristine for decades.