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Premium tonewood for musical instruments

If you’re searching for tonewood for your next project, look no further than KJP Select Hardwoods. We have all of the wood for musical instruments you need to create the instrument of your dreams. No matter what type of wood you’re looking for, we have you covered. With musical instrument wood for bass, electric, and acoustic guitars, we are your one-stop shop. Shop our collection of tonewood for sale online today!


  • Bass Necks
    Bass Necks
  • Guitar Necks
    Guitar Necks
  • Bass Fingerboards
    Bass Fingerboards
  • Guitar Fingerboards
    Guitar Fingerboards
  • Billets & Drop Tops
    Billets & Drop Tops
  • Body Blanks
    Body Blanks
  • Misc. & Small Parts
    Misc. & Small Parts
  • Luthier Router Bits
    Luthier Router Bits

Bring Out The Best Instrument Sounds With Tonewood

The distinct sound of an instrument depends primarily on who's playing it. But woodworkers know that it's also partially due to the materials used to craft it — which is where tonewood comes into play. We carefully select our musical instrument wood to provide the best tones. You can rely on our high-quality wood for musical instruments to create the sounds you're looking for.

The Right Tonewood for Your Musical Instrument

KJP Select Hardwoods doesn't just offer tonewood for sale. We carefully curate our collection to include wood for each part of the instrument. In our extensive selection, you can find:

Whatever part of your musical instrument you're working on, we have the right tonewood for you.

Trust Tonewood From KJP Select Hardwoods

Do you want the perfect tonewood for your instrument? Craft your next musical masterpiece with the unparalleled quality and diverse selection at KJP Select Hardwoods. Don't compromise on sound or craftsmanship. Shop with the best and make your instrument shine. Dive into our collection today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tonewood

You have questions about tonewood; KJP Select Hardwoods has the answers. Read the following for more information, and be sure to contact us for additional details.

What Kind of Wood is Tonewood?

Tonewood is any wood that is appropriate for use in a musical instrument. It could be soft or hard, depending on the part of the instrument.

Which is Better, Tonewood or Rosewood?

Rosewood is a type of tonewood, so there's no comparison between the two.

Which Tonewood Is Best?

There is no one best tonewood. You need to select your wood depending on the part of the instrument you're making.

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Tonewood for sale

Considerations When Buying Tonewood

Identifying the right wood for your musical instrument can be challenging. Selecting the perfect tonewood is an art that requires a balance of knowledge, aesthetics and practicality. Beyond the simple choice of wood type, there are multiple factors one should weigh to ensure the best musical instrument wood for your project. Here are essential considerations to keep in mind:

  • Purpose — Determine which part of the instrument you're crafting. Different tonewoods excel in specific applications, e.g., ebony for fingerboards and spruce for guitar tops.
  • Tonal preference — Depending on the sound you wish to achieve — bright and clear, deep and mellow or anywhere in between — select your wood accordingly.
  • Aesthetics — Some tonewoods, with their unique colors and grain patterns, can significantly add to the visual appeal of an instrument.
  • Workability — Some woods are easier to work with than others, so ensure your choice aligns with your crafting expertise.
  • Budget — High-quality tonewood can be an investment. Ensure you're getting the best value for your money, and consider the trade-offs between cost and quality.

A Complete Range of Tonewood

If you're looking for musical instrument wood, you can't go wrong with the outstanding selection at KJP Select Hardwoods. We've sourced the best wood for musical instruments for your use. Our extensive tonewood inventory includes:

  • Maple and roasted maple — Maple is revered for its bright tone and ability to deliver a clear, concise note. Roasted Maple, subjected to a special heat treatment process, has added stability and a darker hue.
  • Padauk — With its brilliant reddish-orange color, Padauk isn't just a sight to behold; it's also a favorite for its balanced tonal properties.
  • Gabon ebony — Dense and sleek, Gabon Ebony is often chosen for its tight grain and deep black color, which offer a smooth playing experience.
  • Camatillo — Also known as Mexican Rosewood, Camatillo boasts a deep purple hue with contrasting streaks.
  • Figured walnut — Walnut, especially the figured variety, is favored for its rich, warm tones.
  • Roasted Sitka spruce — Spruce is the quintessential choice for acoustic guitar tops, with Sitka Spruce being among the most sought-after. When roasted, the Sitka Spruce's properties are amplified, making it more resonant and responsive.
  • Swamp ash — This wood, derived from trees in wetland areas, is light yet resonant.
  • Curly claro — A variant of Walnut, Curly Claro showcases intricate grain patterns.
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Order Tonewood Today From KJP Select Hardwoods

Whatever your need or preference, KJP Select Hardwoods offers an exceptional range of wood for musical instruments. Whether you're a seasoned luthier or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our selection of tonewood for sale ensures you'll find the perfect wood for your musical masterpiece. Our knowledgeable team can also help you identify the right musical instrument wood for your project. We offer outstanding customer service and unbeaten turnaround times. Shop now and take advantage of everything we offer.