Festool Routers available in Ottawa Canada

Festool Routers

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Festool - OF 1010
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Festool - OF 1400
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Festool - OF 2200
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Festool - MFK 700 Set

Routers are an incredibly versatile woodworking tool; they’re practically essential in any workshop. These tools are often used for creating decorative trim, carving rabbets, and finishing edges. If you’re looking for a router that offers reliability and precision, you may be interested in a Festool Router. 

The OF 2200 Router offers unmatched power. It’s perfect when you’re working with hardwoods like Maple or Oak. Even though it packs a punch, it still features an ergonomic design. 

You can customize your work with ease using the OF 1010 EQ Router. Use the micro-adjustable depth control feature for exact and controlled routing. You’ll find that the one-handed design allows for effortless operation. 

The OF 1400 Router is a staple tool that offers precise performance, dust extraction, and portability. It is powerful, yet lightweight and mobile. 

We also carry the Module Edge Router, which you can use to round edges with ease. It glides easily over a variety of surfaces. At KJP Select Hardwoods, we offer an array of routers that will enhance your next woodworking project. Check out our selection of Festool products today.