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Chill Epoxy

Chill Epoxy in Ottawa

We love highlighting our favourite brands - it gives people who are new to woodworking a great starting point, and it allows those who are seasoned pros to get a better look at the variety of different products we have available.

Today, we’re looking at Chill Epoxy. Epoxies are incredibly useful in the woodworking world, for everything from filling in knots and voids to creating incredible finishes on tables. Epoxies are clear, but additives can be used to colour them. With all of the great things you can do with epoxies in mind, here’s why we love Chill Epoxy:

They’re a Canadian epoxy company

Chill Epoxy products are made in Canada, by a Canadian company (Polymères Technologies).

That’s a great thing for two reasons. First, we’re a Canadian company, and we’re here to support the Canadian woodworking community. The more woodworking and woodworking-related companies in our country, the stronger our community will be. What can we say - we love representing Canada.

The second is that it means lower costs for us, and lower costs for you. Shipping costs are very real - buying epoxies from a Canadian company means shipping costs are lower.

They’re high-quality epoxies

Chill Epoxy offers some of the best epoxies available on the market anywhere. There are a lot of epoxies that come with solvents mixed in. Those epoxies release VOCs, which can be harmful both to the environment and to your health. Solvent-based epoxies are often less durable than their 100% epoxy cousins, too.

Chill Epoxy’s line of epoxy products are all 100% epoxy resin - that means no VOCs, and added durability, strength, and longevity.

The epoxies offered by Chill are also easy to mix, heat resistant, and impact resistant. In other words, if you want a woodworking project to last you for life, and you want to use epoxies in the project, Chill Epoxy is the way to go.


They offer a wide selection of epoxy products

Do you need fast setting epoxies? Chill has you covered. Looking to fill cracks and voids? They’ve got products for that. Want to create incredible lacing effects? Seal a wooden surface? Make a river table? There are Chill Epoxy products to handle all of the above - and a whole lot more.

They’ve also introduced a line of colourants, called Chill Drops. The colour from Chill Drops won’t fade anytime soon, as it bonds to the epoxy resin. You can mix in colour until you get the desired tint - your epoxies are almost infinitely customizable.

They offer great support for their products

The FAQ on Chill’s website is absolutely comprehensive. You’ll get information on everything from which products to use to how to apply them.

They have videos, troubleshooting tips, advice on the curing process, and so much more. We know that epoxies can seem daunting - especially if it’s your first time using them. The company has done everything they can to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

And now you know why we love Chill Epoxy so much! If you need epoxies for your next project, check out our line of Chill products. We’re KJP Select Hardwoods, and we strive to always have the highest quality products available for you - no matter where your woodworking adventure leads.
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