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Live Edge Wood Slabs

Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office? KJP Select Hardwoods has you covered with our exquisite live edge wood slabs. Handpicked from sustainably sourced wood, our live edge wood is perfect for creating unique furniture pieces or accent pieces. Order now and get live edge wood shipped to your home with KJP Select Hardwoods.

Can't find the live edge wood slab that you're looking for?

Visit our retail store for a huge assortment of slabs to select from. Connect with us anytime!

Live Edge Slabs for sale

Our gorgeous collection of live edge wood slabs will take your breath away. Their unfinished edges and unique grain patterns make these unique pieces very eye-catching. They’ll add an element of rustic charm to any home. Traditionally, the edges of a wood slab are cut down to 90° angles. But with live edge wood, the sides are left unfinished to reveal the original dimensions of the tree. These pieces of wood are kiln-dried, which means they’re ready to work with as soon as they arrive. They can be flattened to a 2” thickness for easier handling. 

On our website, you can choose slabs with the length and width that you prefer. Use these slabs for project such as: 
- Live edge tables 
- Floating shelves 
- Countertops 
- Bowls 
- Cutting boards 
- And more

We’re always updating our selection of live edge slabs, so be sure to check back often. If you’re interested in purchasing slabs that will make stunning centrepieces, contact us about our live edge wood today.