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How Much Epoxy Do I Need?

How much epoxy do I need?
Once you've built your form, sealed in all the edges with silicone, clamped down and run a silicone bead underneath, built a small overflow barrier with a hot glue gun - you are finally ready to pour your epoxy resin table.

Or you could eliminate all those steps by using one of our re-usable no-leak epoxy resin molds!No-Leak Epoxy Resin Mold

Epoxy Resin Calculator

Use our epoxy resin calculator below to get a relatively close measurement of the amount of epoxy you will need.


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Now that you know how much epoxy you need for a river table, shop for the materials you need from KJP Select Hardwoods today. We carry a wide variety of epoxy resin perfect for any project! We also offer a large selection of live edge slabs ready to ship that are perfect for river tables.

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William Murphy - October 6, 2023

I would like a quote for enough epoxy to make a 20ft x 5ft x 2in river table with a 1 in clear top cover

Thank you

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