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Melbourne Tool Company hand planes for sale

Not everyone has the space or inclination to have power tools such as a planer, jointer, or router. That definitely doesn’t limit you from a successful woodworking journey, though!

Hand planes have been around for decades and are an excellent way to build projects with a little elbow grease and no electricity required.

You may have heard of some of the North American brands, such as Lie Nelson or Veritas. While these both are fantastic brands, they often don’t align with all budgets.

We recently discovered an Australian brand of hand planes through our good friend, Vic Tesolin. He’s been a long-time advocate of building with hand tools. You may recognize the name from his books! Melbourne Tool Company is a small company based in, you guessed it, Melbourne, which as woodworkers and engineers, developed a line of hand planes that gear to all budgets without compromising on quality. It was an easy choice to add this line-up of tools to our store!

In spring 2024, Vic will be demonstrating these tools here at our store in Ottawa. In the meantime, we hope this article describes what each of these hand planes are intended for.

In This Article

What is a Bench Plane?

Bench planes come in an array of types and sizes. Hand planes are fairly simple tools, consisting of (most notably) a flat sole, a blade, some adjustment nuts/screws, a body and 2 handles. The shape/size of the body along with the angle of the blade is what determines what type of wood plane it is, and what application it is best used for. The types of planes can range from jointer plane to a jack plane - with the sole purpose of creating a smooth surface on wood, squaring face and edge material, or planing material down to finished size. Some planes are best suited for removing a large amount of wood material, and some are better suited for end grain and detailed work.

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What is a Specialty Plane?

Specialty hand planes can help you with more detailed woodworking, such as smoothing end grain with a block plane, creating joinery/placing hinges with a butt mortise plane, or even meticulous work for violin makers. In general, when you’re just getting started with hand planes, it’s a safe place to start with a low-angle block plane and a smoothing plane, as the majority of your work can be completed with these 2 planes. Once you’ve got the hang of it, there are endless possibilities and options out there for you!

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What is My Blade Gets Dull? Can it Be Sharpened?

A dull blade can make difficult work of simple tasks. There are plenty of options out there for sharpening your blade yourself, ranging from purchasing some sharpening stones all the way to electrical sharpeners that spin a rotating sharpening stone. Maintaining the original angle of your blade is the part you have to keep in mind, and there are even honing guides available to make sure you’re set up for success when it comes to keeping your hand planes in the best shape possible.

How Should I Store a Hand Plane?

Hand planes are best stored in a clean and maintained condition. Ensure all parts are properly lubricated and free of dust/large chunks of wood. Keeping them stored in a moisture-controlled and dust-free environment will also ensure the longevity of your hand plane - no one wants to have to sharpen their blade every time they start a new session at the bench! Dedicated cabinets for multiple hand planes are preferred, but off your bench on dedicated shelves where the blade is protected works just as well if you are just beginning your hand tool collection. Trust us, they grow quickly!

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Which Hand Plane Should I Start With?

Growing your hand tool collection can take some time, and no matter how you slice it, it is an investment. Whether that investment is just the learning curve or the initial purchase of your tools, either way, you want to ensure that you’re buying the right tool to start with. Most projects can be completed with a smoothing plane and a low-angle block plane. These tools will allow you to flatten your wood, square your boards, and tackle the dreaded end grain without causing too much hair-pulling tear out. From there, you can branch out into more specialty planes, such as spokeshaves and shoulder planes.

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