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We wrapped up Day 1 of another fun workshop with Phil from Functional Reclaimed yesterday! We offer two types of Epoxy workshops here at KJP:

Intro to Epoxy River Tables
Read more about the class here

Learn to make a Coffee Table sized Epoxy table
Read more about the class here

Yesterdays class was part 1/2 of the Intro to Epoxy River Tables workshop. The students all made charcuterie board sized river tables, and were taught all the techniques for building larger river tables on their own. They learned to create the mold for the pour, how to prepare the wood, and how to pour the epoxy. I think the hardest part about the class was selecting which colour to use! Here are some photos of the results:

Epoxy River Tables

The students will return after the epoxy cures and will remove the board from the mold, and will then be taught how to sand & finish using Rubio Monocoat Pure. Just a few more hours of work and then they'll be leaving with their very own handmade river table style charcuterie board!

Epoxy River Table class at KJP Select Hardwoods

Sure looks fun, doesn't it! We'd love to have you join a workshop. If this interests you, pop on over to our Workshop page to check out all our upcoming classes. 

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  • Louise Heintzman
    Louise Heintzman

    I am very interested in making a dining room table. Do you offer any classes?

  • Perry Haden
    Perry Haden

    Where are you located and do you do in person workshops?

  • Zeeshan

    When is the next workshop and what are the charges

  • KJP Select Hardwoods
    KJP Select Hardwoods

    Sorry Mitra, we missed your comment! You can register for our workshops here: https://kjpselecthardwoods.com/pages/workshops

  • Mitra Arefi
    Mitra Arefi

    I’m wondering how can I register for workshop?

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