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Tools & Woods For Our Laser & CNC Customers

Laser and CNC machines allow woodworkers to create beautiful pieces with stunning engraved details. The technology underpinning these machines is becoming more sophisticated and more affordable - and the computer software that allows users to interface with these machines is getting better every year.

We’re proud of the wide variety of products we have in stock to serve our customers who use laser and CNC machines in their woodworking. Let’s take a look at some of he items we think you’ll like:

Laser cutting plywood


Looking for a solid foundation for your next project? Check out our wide selection of plywoods - we guarantee you’ll find something perfect.

We understand that not everyone has the tools to cut their own plywood. With the advent of more affordable laser engravers, many of our clients own engravers, but few other woodworking tools. That’s why our plywood comes in a variety of different sizes. Best of all, we specifically provide cuts of plywood that fit most laser engravers.

Baltic Birch plywood

Folks who work with laser engravers love our Baltic Birch. Laser engravers are becoming more affordable, and Baltic Birch is incredibly durable, so it’s an excellent choice for laser cutting and engraving. The density of Baltic Birch is consistent, which makes it easier to find the perfect settings to engrave at the depth you want.

Craft plywood

Want something a bit more colourful than Baltic Birch? We have a variety of different craft plywoods in stock: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut, and more await you.

Plywood variety packs

Not sure which of our craft plywoods is right for your project? Looking for a little inspiration? Check out our plywood variety packs - you’ll get a selection of beautiful Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, & Walnut plywoods.


Do you own a Glowforge? They’re one of the most popular laser engraving and cutting machines on the planet - a versatile 3D printer used by hobbyists and home business owners alike. Many of our clients love Glowforge, but find it difficult to acquire Proofgrade plywoods. Importing from the U.S. can be time-consuming and costly, after all.

The plywoods we have available in our shop make an excellent substitute for Proofgrade materials. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us, or get more info here on the wide variety of plywoods we have in stock.

Whiteside CNC engraving router bit

CNC router bits and more

We have a huge selection of different CNC router bits in stock, including bits from Whiteside and Amana.

We’ve got router bit sets, including starter sets, engraving sets, and lettering sets. Check out our selection - we think you’ll like what you see.

And almost all of our woods are compatible with CNC machines. We have an astonishing variety of both domestic and exotic woods, so we’re sure to have something suitable for your next project.

Whatever supplies you need for your CNC and laser-assisted projects, KJP Select Hardwoods is here to provide.

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