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Wood Crafting Supplies: Plywood Circles, Craft Plywood, & Baltic Birch

Today, we’d like to highlight some of our favourite pieces of wood for crafting with - our plywood circles, craft MDF plywood, and Baltic Birch.

All of these woods are excellent for laser work. They can also be used in epoxy projects, and for scroll sawing. We’re going to go over some of the things you can do with each product - let’s get started!

Craft Plywood

Craft plywood

Finding high-quality plywood for laser engraving can be difficult - so we’ve gone out of our way to find some of the best craft plywood on the market. We have Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, and Walnut veneer plywood. Our craft plywood comes in both ¼” MDF and ⅛” HDF.
What can you do with our craft plywood? The possibilities are endless. Some of the projects we’ve seen include wooden covers for game controllers and consoles, intricate jigsaw puzzles, and laser-engraved wooden business cards.

With such a wide variety of veneers available, we’re sure that one of our craft plywoods will give your project the perfect look. Laser engraving is easy with these pieces - we promise. If you have any questions about what type might be most appropriate for your project, get in touch with us!



Plywood Circles

Plywood Circles

Our plywood circles are similar to our craft plywood - easy to work with, and great for laser engraving. The main difference is that these pieces of plywood are pre-cut into circles, which can save you a lot of time.

Looking to make circular signage? Coffee table tops? We can help. Our plywood circles come with a number of different finishes. We offer both Red Oak and Walnut plywood circles. We also have two kinds of Baltic Birch circles - one smooth, and the other pre-shiplapped.

If you’re making something round, we highly recommend checking out our plywood circles!

Baltic Birch for wood crafting

Baltic Birch

Baltic Birch may be one of the highest quality plywoods you’ll ever find. It’s incredibly strong, with more plies per inch than most other plywoods. Best of all - it’s 100% Birch. We have an entire blog post extolling the virtues of Baltic Birch - but we’ll do a brief summary here.

In short, because it’s so durable, it holds screws exceptionally well. It can be used to make cabinets. As you might well expect, it also handles laser engraving very well. Cabinets with laser engravings? If you can dream it, you can build it.

We’re only scratching (laser engraving?) the surface of what you can do with our craft supplies. We’d love to hear what you intend on doing - let us know what projects you have planned in the comments. And if you’re looking for other woodworking supplies, we’ve got your back - our Ottawa lumber store is getting new products all the time.

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