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4/4 Rough Cut Purpleheart Lumber Pack

Purpleheart wood for woodworking!

Choose from 2 different sizes of our 4/4 Purpleheart Rough Cut Lumber Packs; 10 Board feet or 20 Board Feet. We will carefully handpick an assortment of boards in the pack size of your choice.

What should I expect in my Lumber Pack?

10 Board Feet

  • Approximately 4-7 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 48" lengths

20 Board Feet

  • Approximately 8-14 boards*
  • 4" to 8" widths
  • 48" lengths

Although these boards have been skipped dressed to show colour and grain, they will still require some TLC and additional milling. If you would prefer to have the milling done for you - check out our S4S Purpleheart Lumber.

*We always try to include the widest boards we have available at the time that meet the Rough Cut Lumber Pack specifications. Approximate board count is based on an average size of 6" x 48". Actual amount of boards will vary depending on widths available at time of fulfillment. Have a question? Send us an Email.

Purpleheart is a colour shifter to be sure. When freshly cut, it’s a greyish, purply brown colour but after some time it becomes the eggplant colour we all recognize. Further exposure to UV turns it dark brown with a hint of purple.

Not known for its easy workability, Purpleheart can dull tools moderately and can become gummy if cutters are dull or causing too much heat.

Size: 10 BF ( 4-7 Boards)
Original price $155.00 - Original price $271.00
Original price
$155.00 - $271.00
Current price $155.00
Ordering Information

In-Store Pickup: Most orders are completed within 2 business days. We will contact you via email when your order is ready for pickup.

Shipping: Most orders are packaged and ready for shipping within 2 to 4 business days of ordering.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
eric underwood (Cortland, US)
very nice material

i received this with my order i placed 12 days ago and this was beyond awesome material i ended up getting a piece of curly purpleheart and with the combination of ribbon sapele and the ambrosia maple my bench came out awesome i will be getting more purpleheart

Dennis Stewart (Brandon, US)
Fantastic color

Love this wood and KJP had become my go to source for all special wood types

Redmon (Delphos, US)
Quick and Timely shipping

I found this site online during a search for purpleheart wood. I have a few friends that have a Purpleheart. So, I thought a shadow box for their medals made in Purple heart wood would look great. And it did. The shipping was on time and customer service was great. I would recommend getting hard to find wood form KJP Select Hardwoods.

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