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12" x 20" ALL-Birch Plywood

The best substitute for Baltic Birch - perfect for laser cutters and CNC work!  

The last few years have been extremely hard to source Baltic Birch - not to mention the price consistently rising! ALL-Birch is the best substitute we've been able to find on the market and we are very pleased to be able to offer this new exciting product!

  • Void free core - as good as Baltic!
  • Patch free Birch veneer faces!
  • #1 Face : Clear 1 Side NO Patches, #2 Face : May have small pin knots w/repair
  • No need to add edge tape!

The biggest difference between ALL-Birch and Baltic Birch is that the outside face veneers are thinner (like a traditional plywood). For most of our laser/CNC/craft clients - this is not an issue at all as we've already seen great success with our Craft Plywood on MDF.

Looking for a larger sheet? Check out our ALL-Birch plywood options available for curbside pickup HERE!

Size: 12" x 20"
Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
Original price $3.09 - Original price $4.95
Original price
$3.09 - $4.95
Current price $3.09
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Meghan (Mulmur, CA)
Birch 1/8 " Plywood

I wrote a review earlier on this wood. I would like to change my review. I purchased this plywood to use with my Glowforge as an alternative to baltic birch. It is not a good substitute. It can't be sanded. The top layer is so thin any small amount of sanding brings out a very dark layer. There are many voids and glue pockets that my laser will not cut through. I do not recommend this wood for someone wanting to use it with a laser. Unfortunately I am very disappointed with my decision to purchase it.

Ravi (Gatineau, CA)
Looks good, but doesn't laser cut as well as Baltic Birch

My review is solely based on my experience in laser cutting this wood. I found that it takes a little more power to cut through than the traditional Baltic Birch, and also it tends to char a lot more, creating messy soot on the edges. I use a 40W laser, so maybe it works better with a higher power machine. I will go back to the 3mm Baltic from now on.

Mohamed El-Gammal (Windsor, CA)

12" x 24" ALL-Birch Plywood