Ambrosia Maple

Ambrosia Maple

Rough Cut Lumber

4/4 Rough Cut Ambrosia Maple Lumber
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8/4 Rough Cut Ambrosia Maple Lumber
From $28.25
Ambrosia Maple Project Packs
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S4S Lumber

S4S Ambrosia Maple Lumber
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S4S Ambrosia Maple Lumber - Thick
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Ambrosia Maple Thin
O Canada! Thins Pack (4 x 24")
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Live Edge

Maple Live Edge Craft & Charcuterie Boards
From $24.95
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Ambrosia Maple Ovals
From $19.50

Solid Wood Shelves

Ambrosia Maple Shelf
From $49.95

Ambrosia Maple (Acer saccharum)


Good Value





Temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere


Moderately Available


This wood is known for the ambrosia beetle holes and subsequent staining due to a fungus similar to Spalted Maple.


This wood can be a challenge to work due to the varying density. It’s striking looks are often sought after even though there are some finishing challenges involving beetle holes requiring filling.


Furniture, wood turnings, as well as crates or pallets.

Additional Comments

The distinct beetle holes and staining are desired by some woodworkers and can give the final projects a somewhat rustic appearance. Ambrosia Maple is not a species of Maple, but a fungal discolouration caused by boring ambrosia beetles. Most of the Ambrosia Maple is found in soft maples.

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