Plywood available for delivery in Ottawa

Assorted Plywood

Baltic Birch

Our most popular plywood product! This Russian ply is known for having the most stable and calibrated core - plus also has the added benefit of the least amount of voids on the edges.

Baltic Birch - 30" x 30"
From $12.95
Baltic Birch - 5' x 5'
From $41.95
Baltic Birch - 4' x 8'
From $59.95
Walnut Plywood on Baltic Birch Core
From $109.95
Sold Out
White Melamine Baltic Birch Core


Whether it be ultra thin plywood, marine grade for exterior use, or alternative Baltic options - we keep a large selection of specialty panels in stock. 

Ultra Thin Birch Plywood
From $46.75
Import Birch Plywood
From $44.95
Sold Out
Design Edge Plywood
Marine Grade Plywood
From $62.95


Budget friendly panels for cabinet making, jigs, and construction

Pine plywood - a great alternative for Spruce plywood
From $25.95
From $16.50
White Melamine Plywood
From $42.50

Hardwood Plywood

Cabinet grade veneer faces on domestically produced plywood cores

Cherry Plywood
From $54.25
Maple Plywood
From $51.25
Red Oak Plywood
From $50.00
Walnut Plywood
From $63.75
Sold Out
White Ash Plywood
From $47.50
White Oak Plywood
From $54.50
Yellow Birch Plywood
From $51.25