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Bubinga available at KJP Select Hardwoods in Ottawa, Canada

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Bubinga (Guibourtia spp.)


Moderately Expensive





Equatorial Africa


Moderately Available


Bubinga is a stunning wood that has colours that vary from salmon pink to dark red and is often seen with dark purple or black streaks. If this wasn’t enough, it also has many different types of figure including pommeled, flamed, waterfall, quilted, or mottled.


Bubinga often has interlocking grain making it difficult to work with hand planes, though a scraper will work fine. Some species also have silica present which will dull your edges. Gluing bubinga can sometimes be a challenge because of the high density and oils present.


This tree grows big, so large slabs are common and great for table tops and counters. It’s also available in veneers so it’s perfect for fine furniture.

Additional Comments

Bubinga gets used often as a replacement for rosewoods and for good reason. This is a favorite amongst furniture makers because of the varied colour and figure options. Do yourself a favour and wipe your glue surfaces with denatured alcohol prior to gluing to remove some of the oil present.

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