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Epoxy Mixers

Epoxy Mixer Professional Blender – Chill Mixing Tool!

TThis Epoxy Mixer can be used to mix CHILL EPOXY™systems or any other epoxy brand for a perfectly homogeneous mixture. 

This mixing tool will fit electric drills and is comprised of a polypropylene blade with 1/4 “H / D hex shank.

  • Small - 1-3 Gallon Bucket
  • Large - 3-5 Gallon Bucket

Product Features:

  • It makes mixing liquids fast and easy. It rapidly mixes deep pour latex, epoxy resin, and other sticky liquids.
  • This stirring blade is far more excellent and effective than mixing by hand. At the same time, it easily mixes new or old paint to a smooth and even consistency.
  • Ideal for your epoxy projects. This stirring paddle is so easy and simple to use. Insert stir paddle stick into a drill, tighten and use.
  • To prevent splashes, always ensure that the head of the plastic mixing paddle is submerged in the liquid you are mixing. 
  • We recommend using this resin mixer at medium speed for a more extended period (8-10 min). Thus avoiding creating a giant vortex and incorporate more bubbles into the epoxy.
  • It’s also highly recommended to scrape the sides and bottom of your mixing container using a metal spatula while mixing the epoxy.

Size: Small
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Original price $23.95
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Customer Reviews

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Gary Ollson (Picton, CA)

Epoxy Mixers

mike cote (Prince Albert, CA)

order come complete and on time

Brian Kalanda (Toronto, CA)
Epoxy Mixer is awesoe

I really like the stirring without a lot of bubble generation. Great piece to use!