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Clamping Squares Plus


Includes 2 clamping squares

Keep large panel projects perfectly aligned while you install fasteners, add additional features, or simply visualize your design. Woodpeckers new Clamping Square Plus is longer, wider and stronger than the original design, giving you better performance for the same price.

Notice that Woodpeckers Clamping Squares PLUS work either inside or outside the workpieces. Take a look at the inside corner, too. You’ll see a relief cut that won’t bind on your stock if something is cut just a wee bit out of square. Speaking of square, these assembly tools are CNC machined out of one solid chunk of aluminum to a tolerance of ± .0255 degrees!   The square legs are 1-1/4” wide, 6-3/4” long, and 3/4” thick.

Clamps to be purchased separately.

The Clamping Squares will work with any ordinary clamp, but for faster, easier, and more accuracy we recommend a special bundle that includes both clamping squares and clamps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Glenn D. (Winnipeg, CA)
Quality - Is the Standard

When it comes to Woodpecker tools and accessories, Woodpecker’s items are the 21st Century standard - and these clamping squares are no exception. Allowing you true 90 degree clamping/alignment in a variety of woodworking tasks around my projects - trust and needn't verify..

Paul S (Oshawa, CA)
Woodpecker tools

What you would expect from woodpecker good precision tools