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Miter Clamping Tool

End the Battle of the Creeping Joint - Clamp Miter Joints Accurately and Effectively.

Clamping miter joints with bar clamps usually ends up as a frustrating tug-of-war…putting too much pressure on one clamp, causing the joint to slip out of alignment, only to repeat the mistake on the opposing corner. There are specialized clamps out there for the job, but they limit the width of your stock, and if your shop is like mine, they’re always an eighth of an inch too small.

Pressure Where You Need It.

Woodpeckers new Miter Clamping Tool directs the pressure straight across the miter joint, pulling the joint together, instead of forcing the 45° miters to slide against each other. Woodpeckers Miter Clamping Tools work with any stock width, from tiny cove molding to the largest picture frame stock.

Just clamp a tool to each joining workpiece then place a third clamp across the joint from tool to tool. The vee sections in the profile insure the third clamp is applying its pressure directly across the joint.

Simple, Life-Time Tools.

These clamping tools are manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, with generous ribbing to add strength. The ridges in the face improve grip yet won’t mar your stock, even when heavy clamping pressure is needed. The anodized surface sheds most adhesives and finishes.

Two Sizes for Almost Every Mitered Corner.

If you’re working with stock from 1/2" to 1" thick, use the MCT-75 (3/4" thick). For thicker stock, choose the MCT-150 (1-1/2" thick). A pair of clamping tools lets you put together one corner at a time. Like all Woodpeckers tools, the MCT Clamping Tools are made in Strongsville, Ohio factory, just south of Cleveland. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Size: 75
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