Claro Walnut

Claro Walnut (Juglans hindsii )


Moderately Expensive





California and Oregon


Some difficulty to source


Claro Walnut is a beautiful species of Walnut that has great colour variation. The heart wood can range from light brown to chocolate brown with dark brown streaks. It can also have grey, red or purple casts that make every board unique.


This wood planes and works as well as any other Walnut if the grain is straight but tearout can occur while surfacing figured grain. It glues well and takes stain, though it’s not often artificially coloured.


This wood is highly-prized for making high-end gunstocks but is often used for high-end furniture, veneered projects as well as small decorative objects.

Additional Comments

Every Claro Walnut board seems to have its own character and colouring which makes it difficult to choose one board over another. Be prepared to spend some time in the wood store trying to decide on the perfect board.

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