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Exotic Wood Cutting Board Pack

Limited Tools? No problem!

This Exotic Wood Cutting Board Pack includes pre-cut blanks of Padauk, Purpleheart, and Limba so you can easily create your own 1-5/8" thick x 12" wide x either 12" or 24" long cutting board. The blanks have been dimensioned (planed and jointed) on all 4 sides so you are ready for clamping!

Dimensions are +/- 1/4" of size listed.

Want to make it even bigger or change the design?

You can add on any of our single cutting board blanks as they will match the height and length. The possibilities are endless!


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Included 1-5/8" blanks:

  • 1 x Limba 3/4"
  • 2 x Limba 1"
  • 1 x Limba 1-1/4"
  • 1 x Padauk 3/4"
  • 2 x Padauk 1"
  • 1 x Padauk 1-1/4"
  • 1 x Purpleheart 3/4"
  • 2 x Purpleheart 1"
  • 1 x Purpleheart 1-1/4"
Size: 12" x 12"
Original price $59.95 - Original price $109.95
Original price
$59.95 - $109.95
Current price $59.95
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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Steve Jewhurst (Estevan, CA)

Exotic Wood Cutting Board Pack

Larry MacDonald (Bedford, CA)

Some really nice wood. Some has a bit of snipe or saw marks but well worth the cost

Kenny Tam (Thornhill, CA)
Some defects

I have ordered 3 cutting board kits in this my second order. Unfortunately two of the walnut pieces in two kits were not prestine as I have received in a previous order. Half of one piece is still rough. The second piece of walnut is thinner and warped. If i plane them out, these two pieces would be much thinner than the rest. Since i bought these pieces D4S i should not have to plane them to that degree. These two pieces are rendered useless on this project for now. Two other pieces (maple and cherry) in the kits have cracks from the end grain but i can use wood filler to fix them. I am OK with minor cracks.
I am not as happy with the quality this time as I did with my first order.
I can send photos if requested to.