Festool Hand Sanding

Sandpaper Sheets (50 pack)
Granat Abrasives Soft Roll
Hand Sanding Block Set
Hard Sanding Block
150mm Hard Sanding Block
150mm Soft Sanding Block

You’ve spent years sanding things by hand. Sure, it gets the job done, but what if there was an easier way? One that put less strain on your hands, and produced better results?

Festool hand sanders are ergonomically designed to be easier on your hands. They’re comfortable to hold and powerful to use. Since you can control the pressure, hand sanders are perfect for detail work, corners, and edge work.

Why Use a Hand Sander?

It’s time to ditch old-school sanding and switch to a Festool hand sander. Here’s why:

• Less labour intensive. The comfortable design fits perfectly in your hand. Sanding is a breeze with this round, sturdy sander.

• Minimize dust production. Imagine sanding without spending an hour cleaning up afterward. When you use the Festool Sanding Block with Dust Extraction Adapter, you can sand detailed areas without making a mess.

• Fast, efficient work. Sanding with paper alone is tedious, time-consuming work. A Festool Hand Sander takes the pain out of sanding. You can get the same stunning results with less time and effort. Better yet, your hand won’t feel cramped or sore by the end.

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Festool products are compatible with their full line of abrasives. Whether you’re sanding drywall, wood, or trim, a hand sander will make the perfect addition to your toolset.

Ready to make your next sanding product faster and easier? We sell hard and soft sanding blocks. Check out our selection of Festool Hand Sanders today.