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Festool Miter Saws

Mitre Saws at KJP Select Hardwoods in Ottawa Canada

With miter saws by Festool, you can make crosscuts that are precise, clean, and accurate every time. The blades slice through wood with ease at any angle; they’re ideal for creating miters and crosscuts. 

At KJP Select Hardwoods, we carry the Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It has every feature you need in a miter saw, including dust extraction, a rail forward design, and dual lasers. Miter saws are completely adjustable, which allows you to make the exact cuts you need. 

After you purchase a miter saw, you’ll need a table to mount it to. The MFT Kapex Table is the ideal surface for your workspace. You can use it for sanding, clamping, jointing, and more. 

Set up your miter saw on a strong foundation using the Kapex Stand Set. This makes your tool more mobile and easy to use. We also carry a range of accessories to use with your miter saw. Secure your miter saw to your MFT table using the Kapex Clamping Kit. 

If you’re interested in adding a miter saw to your workshop, browse our selection of Festool products today.