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As a busy tradesperson or an avid woodworking hobbyist, you’re always on the go. But transporting your entire tool set isn’t exactly easy.

The Festool Mobile Workshop is designed for optimal transport. It’s lightweight, collapsible, and completely customizable. When you’re moving back and forth between job sites, this is the workshop that you need.

What Is a Mobile Workshop?

You shouldn’t be limited by a cumbersome, immobile workshop. The Festool Mobile Workshop is designed to be collapsible and transportable. Setting it up and taking it apart takes no time at all. Each mobile workshop features a set of rubber-lined and shock-resistant wheels, making it easy to maneuver up steps.

Benefits of a Mobile Workshop?

Festool offers an array of mobile workshops, each suited for a different application. Their benefits include:

• A stable, sturdy worktop. The perforated top provides a level and secure working surface. It also gives you flexibility for clamping and attachment options.

• Save time and effort. It used to take you several frustrating minutes to pack up your workshop. With a Festool Mobile Workshop, you can break it down in seconds.

• Adjustable height. Adapt your workshop for different locations and projects using the adjustable surface height. This reduces back strain and makes your job that much easier.

• Lightweight. The Festool Mobile Workshop was designed with you in mind, from its collapsible legs to its foldable tabletop.

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The Festool Mobile Workshop collection is compatible with all sorts of accessories, including guide rail support and quick clamps. Ready to make your workshop entirely transportable? Browse our selection of Festool Mobile Workshops today.