Festool Oscillators

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Vecturo OSC 18 Set

Festool Oscillators take care of sawing, scraping, sanding, grinding, and cutting—all while delivering a consistent and reliable performance. They’re an all-in-one power tool. Use oscillators to remove grout, prepare a surface for painting, or make a cutout in drywall.

This power tool features vibration and noise damping for your comfort. Woodworkers love the cordless mobility of this tool, which includes an 18V lithium-ion battery pack. With an ergonomic design, you’ll find it easy to maneuver this tool, even in hard-to-reach areas.

With the brushless EC-TEC motor, you’ll enjoy variable speed controls; you can adjust your oscillator based on the material you’re working with.

When you purchase the VECTURO set, you’ll also get the Depth-Stop and Plunge Base. These accessories allow you to make precise plunge cuts, all with minimal dust generation.

Like all Festool power tools, the VECTURO comes with a 3-year wear-and-tear warranty. This multi-tool has all the features you’re looking for. Shop our collection of Festool Oscillators today.