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Work Light DUO
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SYSROCK - Jobsite Radio

These accessories are the missing piece your jobsite needs. Here’s how radio and illumination products make long workdays more enjoyable:

Benefits of Radio

Music makes any job more enjoyable. But when you think of a workshop radio, you probably picture an outdated device with poor sound quality. The Festool Jobsite Radio is nothing like that. It may look small, but its sound packs a punch. That means you can hear your music over the roar of your power tools. The radio can be used with or without a cord for your convenience.

This product does more than play music. It features Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your phone to stream music. It also has a microphone, so you can answer phone calls hands-free.

Benefits of Illumination

You can’t work with precision and accuracy when you’re in the dark. You need to see the exact colour, smoothness, and size of the surface you’re working on. Without that clarity, the finished product may look drastically different in the daylight.

Using the Festool work lights, your job site will be as bright as it’d be with natural sunlight. These high-power LED lights can be used with batteries or plugged into a power source. They’re portable, durable, and built to withstand tough working conditions.

We also carry a tripod that you can mount your Festool Syslite DUO or Syslite STL 450 to.

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Need a little more light at your jobsite? Want a portable music player to blast your favourite tunes? The Festool Radio and Illumination products are exactly what you need. Check out the selection of Festool tools and accessories at KJP Select Hardwoods today.